Product launch, POS design

Neutrogena Cosmetics

“The IMC team did a great job from developing a concept to delivering a final product that is unique, informative, and appealing. This will definitely help us successfully launch our new platforms in the marketplace and speak to our consumer.” - Mallika Shinkle, Associate Manager, Customer Development

Standard & Poors - End to End Digital Ad Tracking - Email Marketing, marketing strategy, lead management, eloqua services, data analysis, copywriting, backend development, website design, social media, video editing, tradeshow marketing
expertise used
POP/POS design
content marketing
product launch


  1. Launch a new cosmetic item
  2. Build customer awareness and drive sales
  3. Maximize reach within network retailers


A counter card and brochure with coupon gave sales associates a powerful tool to introduce consumers to new Neutrogena cosmetics products. As a result, consumers in over 6,000 stores were compelled to try something new. With a program reach of more than 1MM consumers, that's a beautiful outcome in more ways than one.